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Aqua Taxi Olhao

With an Aqua Taxi from Olhao you can visit the islands easily and at any time.

Culatra Island, Armona Island, Farol island.


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Ria Formosa Islands 

Visit the islands of Ria Formosa quick and at any time with the aqua taxi from Olhao.

Pricing and Details

Island Aqua taxi duration Crossing the Island Price – One Way
(up to 5 persons)
Armona Island 10 Minutes 30 Minutes 35€ (5€ extra person)
Culatra Island 12-15 Minutes 25 Minutes 40€ (5€ extra person)
Farol Island 15 Minutes 10 Minutes 45€ (5€ extra person)
Deserta Island 15-17 Minutes 10 Minutes 55€ (5€ extra person)

Popular Islands to get with Aqua Taxi Olhão

Some of the most visited islands in Ria Formosa. 

Armona Island

Quickest Access

The fast to access, has every type of facilities, and you can swim on both sides of the Island. 

Culatra Island

Fisherman Village

Known as a very traditional fisherman village, with a beautiful costal beach and unique environment.

Farol Island

Smallest to walk around

The smallest of the islands, easily cross from one side to the other in about 15 minutes. 

Deserta Island

One Restaurant and a lot of Sand

With only one restaurant, it’s known as “Deserta” for that same reason. 

Ria Formosa Map

Not sure which one to visit? 

Check our guide to about every island so you can decide which island to visit with Aqua Taxi Olhao

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Pick-up Location

You can get your aqua taxi from Olhao in this location

Is there Aqua Taxi in Olhao after hours?

From Olhao the aqua taxi after hours can be done if booked in advance. 

Is the aqua taxi dog friendly?

Yes, the aqua taxi are dog friendly, but some beaches in the islands are not. 

Want to visit the islands?